All The News That's Fit For One Sentence: NYT Unveils New Short-Form Story

The New York Times is moving the line in the short-attention-span sand to a one-sentence duration of content, unveiling a new form of “storytelling” called the “one-sentence story.”

It wasn’t clear from the announcement how the NYT’s innovation is different from other one-sentence stories published previously -- old school newspaper headlines, tweets, etc. -- but the paper asserted they are a “new form of storytelling to help readers catch up in seconds” and were created specifically for the new Apple Watch.

“One-sentence stories, crafted specially for small screens, will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including Business, Politics, Science, Tech and The Arts,” the paper said in the announcement, adding that the single sentences of copy will accompany content worth at least another thousand words -- i.e. “The Times’ award winning photography” -- as well as “short, bulleted summaries.”

The paper said the Apple Watch app is an extension of NYTimes on iPhone and will be free for all users. Watch owners will be able to use the app when the device is released on April 24.



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