Mobile Bankers: 79% Check Balances, 63% Transfer Money, 44% Deposit Checks

There are consumers who use their phones for various banking activities and then there are those who actively use their phones for banking.

The migration of banking to digital over the years has been apparent, with now only a small number (4%) managing all of their banking needs in person at a bank branch or ATM, according to a new survey.

Many consumers use both desktop and mobile devices for banking activities, according to the Mobile Wallet Report by Nielsen. The report is based on a survey of 3,600 adults who have used a mobile device for shopping, paying or banking within a 30-day period.

As a primary means of banking, more than a third (37%) of consumers primarily use mobile with a smaller number (11%) using websites on a mobile phone than those using mobile apps (26%).

Here are the activities done on a mobile device by those who don’t use mobile as their primary means of banking:

  • 75% -- Check balance
  • 53% -- Check statements, transaction history
  • 45% -- Transfer money between their own accounts
  • 37% -- Deposit checks
  • 33% -- Download banking app
  • 20% -- Manage/pay bills
  • 18% -- Transfer money to others’ accounts
  • 9% -- Use text messaging to check balance and/or bills

There are some similarities as well as differences between the casual and the primary mobile bankers.

For example, top activities of both are using a phone to check account balances and check statement and transaction history.

But the primarily mobile bankers more frequently use their phones to transfer money, manage and pay bills, deposit checks and use text messaging to check their balances or bills.

Here the banking activities of those who primarily bank by mobile:

  • 79% -- Check balance
  • 63% -- Transfer money between their own accounts
  • 62% -- Check statements, transaction history
  • 44% -- Manage/pay bills
  • 44% -- Deposit checks
  • 42% -- Download banking app
  • 36% -- Transfer money to others’ accounts
  • 18% -- Use text messaging to check balance and/or bills

Of those mobile banking, more (54%) are women than men (46%) and more than a quarter are between 25 and 34 years old. Nineteen percent are 55 years old and older, according to the survey.

Lots of banking activity is happening on a small (but very mobile) screen.


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