Mobile Shopping: Smartphone Visits Increase 269%; Revenue Up 123%

The mobile march on retail continues with yet another indicator of the impact by various measures.

In the first three months of this year, mobile accounted for 41% of total traffic and 26% of total revenue, according to a new market data tabulation.

The add-to-cart ratio for mobile devices was 9%, a decrease of 9% from a year ago, based on a data tracking study being released later this week.

The performance index by MarketLive comprises a tabulation and analysis of U.S. traffic and revenue data from millions of consumers shopping at retailers’ online sites.

One piece of potentially bad news in this report is that the cart abandonment rate was at 76%, an increase of 2% over last year.

But overall, not all categories are the same in terms of stats.

For example, mobile accounted for 46% of all traffic and 33% of all revenue for clothing, higher than the averages of all categories. However, the cart abandonment rate for apparel is 79%, also higher than the average.

The key trend in the tracking report is that shopping activity by mobile is continuing its rise.

Smartphone traffic saw an increase of 269% from a year ago. Orders from smartphones increased 104%.

And while revenue at 26% of all sales may appear low, it is an increase of 123% for smartphones from last year.

Shopping by mobile is not going away.

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