Blue Buffalo, Petco Partner For Cancer Awareness Month

Blue Buffalo pet food is partnering with the Petco Foundation for Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

This is the sixth year the two companies have collaborated to raise both awareness and funds to support pet cancer research.

Cancer will affect one out of every four dogs in the U.S., accounting for nearly 50% of all disease-related pet deaths each year. It is the number one disease-related cause of death in both dogs and cats, according to Morris Animal Foundation, a world leader in advancing veterinary research.

"Aside from raising money, this month we urge pet parents to educate themselves about the causes of pet cancer and warning signs to look out for," says David Petrie, President, Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research, in a release.

Despite the reach of the disease, around 80%  of pet owners know little to nothing about pet cancer symptoms. In addition to raising donations to aid pet cancer research, the Blue Buffalo and Petco Pet Cancer Awareness Month initiative aims to increase pet parents' knowledge on preventative care and recognition of the 10 pet cancer warning signs.



Early detection of pet cancer is key to higher survival rates, says Dr. Gerald Post, veterinarian oncologist.

"Aside from knowing the warning signs, there are simple steps that pet parents can take to reduce the risks of cancer,” Dr. Post says. “Pet toxins can be present in everyday household products, so take a few extra minutes to read the labels, understanding what you may be exposing your pet to."

During Pet Cancer Awareness Month, May 9-31, consumers can help Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation spread pet cancer awareness and take steps to find a cure. During that time, for each bag of Blue Buffalo dog or cat food purchased at any Petco or Unleashed by Petco store, one dollar will be donated to organizations that support pet cancer research. Donations can also be made in any amount at a Petco store register, or by donating online at or

Funds will be distributed to universities and clinics across the country that are conducting research on the causes, prevention and treatment of canine and feline cancer, as well as to various organizations that are dedicated to helping families in need cover the cost of cancer treatments. 

Last year, Blue Buffalo and Petco raised more than $2.4 million in the month of May, reaching the highest figure of the fundraising push. This year, the companies aim to once again reach the $2 million donation mark. To date, the partnership has raised more than $7 million since its inception in 2010.

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