Disney Drops $24M In TV Ads For 'Inside Out'

Following the now best-ever opening weekend box-office champion “Jurassic World,” another expected big summer movie, Disney/Pixar’s new animated movie “Inside/Out,” opens this weekend -- also spending significant national TV media dollars.

Since it ramped up its advertising spending around the beginning of May, Disney/Pixar has spent some $24.4 million in national TV advertising for “Inside/Out” -- 4,638 national TV airings -- according to iSpot.tv. (This doesn’t include millions of related, co-branded TV spots by movie consumer product marketing partners.)

Over the last seven days, the studio has significantly ramped up its TV media, estimated to have spent a big portion of its $24 million total -- $8.3 million -- for 1,641 national TV airings.

Looking at specific networks, the highest overall TV spending for “Inside/Out” went to ABC, $4.61 million; then NBC, $3.6 million; and Fox, $1.4 million. Most airings for individual TV shows during that time: Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” (196), Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans Go!” (181); ESPN’s “SportsCenter” (174).

Last weekend, Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World” posted the best opening for a U.S. movie -- $208.8 million in box-office receipts. Looking to add its to total now, “Jurassic World,” spent an additional $1.8 million in national TV over the last seven days -- June 12 through June 19. Overall, the studio spent $31.5 million on big movies in national TV spending.

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