65% of Millennials Don't Purchase by Mobile

For all the emphasis on appealing to millennials, the group doesn’t seem to have bought into the idea of mobile purchasing.

And of those who do buy via mobile, there’s hardly a consensus on the attraction of apps vs. mobile websites.

The majority (65%) of millennials do not buy anything monthly from their mobile phones, according to a survey by Social Lens Research.

The study comprised a survey of 1,200 18-to34-year-old members of the MocoSpace mobile gaming community, which has more than 45 million users.  

Of the 35% who do make mobile purchases monthly, more (23%) purchase via mobile websites compared to apps (18%).

It would appear that part of the challenge of nudging millennials into more mobile purchasing is making it easier to do, since more than a third (35%) said they would like to buy more on their phone but it’s too hard to do.



Of those who do purchase from their phone, millennials aren’t necessarily breaking the bank, with almost half (45%) spending $30 or less a month.

On a typical month, here’s how much they spend buying things from their phone:

  • 31% -- Under $20
  • 16% -- More than $30 to $50
  • 16% -- More than $100
  • 14% - $20 to $30
  • 14% -- More than $50 to $100

Consistent with many other studies, the Social Lens report found that millennials are open to deals.

When asked what mobile ads they would find useful and relevant, deals took the top two spots.

Almost half (44%) selected a coupon or deal for a product they are looking for and 37% said they would want a close by sale or coupon.

When it comes to what appeals to mobile consumers, coupons and deals work across the board.

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