Gannett Tweeks Gravity Ad Units For Mobile

Publishers are starting to catch up to consumer eyeballs on mobile.

USA Today publisher Gannett announced a mobile iteration of its Gravity video ads. The ad unit is available today in the USA Today native applications for iOS and Android.

“As news consumption continues to migrate to mobile devices, we knew that it was important for us to move our Gravity unit to that platform as well,” stated Gannett’s Chief Product Officer, David Payne.

Gravity units, which debuted on USA Today’s website last year, are full screen video ads. Users only see the ads once in a 24-hour period, and can exit them at any time. LG will be the first advertiser featured on the mobile platform. Netflix and the History Channel featured one minute spots with the desktop rollout in 2014.

The move comes after Moat 2014 Industry Standards reported a whopping 61% of Gannett desktop users across 140 markets have interacted with Gravity advertisements this year. That interaction rate is 143% higher than the 10.1% interaction rate garnered by IAB Billboard advertisements that have run across the online ecosystem.
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