Infusion Of Data Into Experiences Across Screens, Whew!

As the moderator during the opening panel at OMMA LA on Tuesday, Arthur Chan, EVP, Digital Marketing, Palisades MediaGroup, asked panelists what are some of the things you want to see from technology, are you looking forward to in the future? Here's what they said.

Jason Gaboriau, EVP, Executive Creative Director, Doner LA: vertical video, and our workload as creatives has quadrupled as the media goes across channels and devices. Maybe we need a better way to expand campaigns.

Tim Leake, SVP, Growth & Innovation, RPA:  more technology to align incentives. Many times we get pitched from ad tech companies, but the platform only solves one problem. It builds up to our ultimate goal, but doesn't solve the ultimate issue. Combine that with simplicity.

Steve Savic, Executive Creative Director, Critical Mass: We always seek disruptive technology, but we've seen pieces of work rather than the complete picture. For example, Under Armour really owns it. They're generating the discussion about gender issues. They pose the correct questions and people are talking about it. We talk a lot about mobile, but now we consider campaigns based on screen size. The always on, always on you devices will become a more potent piece of making in retail.

Naseem Sayani, VP of Business Strategy, Huge L.A.: Infusion of data into experiences. My offline talk combines with online purchase history. The data must align with the experience. Starbucks, for example, knows my habits – my tall non-fat latte waits for me as I drive up the same time every day. And, it's already paid for. Amazon And Zappos and other retailers need to pick up on that connection.

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