NEW! Forget The Mars Rover, Oscar Mayer Debuts Wiener Rover

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, Oscar Mayer introduced a new vehicle to its Wienermobile fleet. The Wiener Rover is an all-terrain hot dog on heavy-duty wheels that carries hot dogs to hungry fans across the country. Take that, Mars Rover. I wonder when the Wiener Rover will be available for sale? The vehicle is a remote-controlled and battery-powered version of the larger Wienermobile. The Wiener Rover is 23 inches tall and 43 inches long and holds up to eight hot dogs PLUS condiments. It goes 20 mph with ease on dirt roads, grass and rocks. Anyone else hungry? The Wiener Rover will made its debut in New York City on July 23. New Yorkers should pay close attention to the Oscar Mayer Twitter handle (@OscarMayer) to find the Wiener Rover and get a free Oscar Mayer hot dog. After that, the Rover will travel to additional cities to give away a summertime staple. Watch a video of the Wiener Rover in action here, created by 360i.
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