Instagram Ads API Goes Live, Makes Ads More Real-Time

Earning its “insta” prefix -- at least among advertisers -- Instagram has turned on its ads API to a number of partners to make advertising on the social site more real-time.

It brings automation to Instagram ad-buying for the first time.

The move was expected. Instagram announced its intention to make its ad space available through an API and Facebook ad-buying interfaces in June.

In its blog post first announcing the API plan, Instagram wrote that it was focused on three key areas: “Expanding ad offerings to include action-oriented formats, enabling more targeting capabilities, and making it easier for businesses large and small to buy ads on Instagram.”

“Brands are eagerly anticipating the expansion of advertising on Instagram,” said Laura O’Shaughnessy, co-founder and CEO of SocialCode. SocialCode is one of the marketing platforms that has integrated with Instagram’s ads API.

Importantly, the move brings Instagram up to speed with other social giants such as Facebook (which owns Instagram), Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram is its own platform, true, but it’s considered by many marketers to be just one component of larger social strategies.

“Instagram is an exciting complement to our Facebook strategy, as well as our overall digital media strategy,” commented Noha Abdalla, senior director of digital brand strategy and social media for Capital One. 

At least in theory, Instagram’s ads API will allow advertisers to manage their social campaigns with more ease -- and less manual oversight will be required in Instagram’s corner.

Exactly how Facebook’s data will be put to use for Instagram targeting purposes remains to be seen, but some type of synergy was hinted at in Instagram’s blog post and through statements made by new Instagram’s new ads API partners.

"Now, Instagram is bringing on experienced Facebook Marketing Partners to help brands use the same advanced Facebook targeting tools” to run campaigns on Intagram, stated Jamie Tedford, CEO and co-founder of Brand Networks, another early adopter of Instagram’s ads API.

Brand Networks notes that its technology will monitor Instagram “ads around the clock and [optimize] performance algorithmically.” Other new API partners made similar claims.

That’s Grade A marketspeak, but it’s not insignificant. Chalk this one up as another win for the “what can be automated, will be automated” crowd.

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