MediaBrix Pitches New Product, Ad-Availability In Programmatic

New York-based mobile advertising company MediaBrix announced a new generation of their Breakthrough Moments product today. The ad platform focuses on serving in-app ads in moments when users’ normally fragmented attentions are held by a heightened emotion.

MediaBrix is also announcing the availability of their ads on a forthcoming private programmatic marketplace.

Moments are a big trend in the mobile space right now, with some advertisers leveraging vast amounts of data to reach consumers at their most receptive. “We think we’ve cracked the code on user receptivity,” says Ari Brandt, CEO of MediaBrix, whose company focuses on consumer emotions in order to serve them the right ad at the right time.

“Moments” signify an industry shift from a quantity of advertising, which can actually push consumers away on mobile, to quality interactions based on contextual data.



“Based on what [the consumer is] experiencing, we determine the type of emotion, and then we have a dynamic container or vessel that contextualizes that moment, and position a brand to rescue or reward in that moment,” says Ari Brandt,

For example, a user may be playing a game, and after a predetermined number of failures, leading to a need for rescue, an ad may be served that offers a power-up or more lives (depending on the game) sponsored by a brand. The user watches a short ad, and is given the power-up and can continue playing. By the end, both the user and the brand have both had a positive experience.

At other moments, a user might be rallied, or rewarded for accomplishing a difficult task in the app.

The newest iteration of the Breakthrough Moments platform is based on research done in MediaBrix’s own lab. Every aspect of the ads has been tested, says Brandt, from color and sounds, to cadence of messaging and tactile engagement and positioning, as well as the native appearance of the ad.

The overhaul comes as more and more users demand an uninterrupted experience from apps and advertisers.

The article has been updated to reflect that MediaBrix's private programmatic marketplace is not yet live.

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