MobileBridge Updates Content Functionality, Engagement

App-based marketing relationship management solution provider MobileBridge introduced new functionality to its native content creation module today. The company hopes to leverage data available from CRM, in-store visits, Web, app and loyalty programs to create more engaging apps.

The new functionality includes 360 imaging, enabling marketers to integrate rotating product images into in-app content; awarding mobile loyalty points or rewards based on in-app actions or using beacons to identify locations, and tying engagement with in-app actions.

The problem most marketers have, states MobileBridge, is not integrating the capabilities of the technology available with the user’s brand experience through the app. Marketers can hamstring their own apps by siloing user submitted data from multiple sources, not utilizing opt-in location-based data and automated technology to create rich media.



“By working with MobileBridge customers, I’ve seen how in-context, timely, engaging and fun content can improve app performance by 40-70% as it moves prospects through the customer journey,” states MobileBridge CEO & founder Eyal Oster.

One automotive manufacturer that MobileBridge worked with sends in-app invites to potential prospects, offering them branded jackets upon completion of a test drive of a specific car.

Another retailer offered a promotion based on an in-app scratch card game to users passing close by a store. 72% of those that received the message played the game, and 7.8% of those that played it ended up converting and buying a product from a participating store.

The wealth of data available to retail marketers makes it easier for them to engage mobile consumers in and out of stores.

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