Turner, Mark Burnett, Intel Start New Reality TV Series

Looking to build out another branded entertainment/reality TV effort, TV producer Mark Burnett will join with Turner Broadcasting and Intel Corp to start a new TV series to find the next big consumer electronic device.

The new series called “America’s Greatest Makers” (working title) wants to find the next big innovation. Developers will use Intel’s new Intel Curie technology to work with a range of wearable and smart connected consumer devices.

TBS and Burnett say the competition will consist of long and short-form content run across Turner's multiscreen media brands, including TNT, Adult Swim, truTV, HLN, CNN and Bleacher Report.

It will launch next year.

The deal will use Turner’s new by Sociology effort, a new marketing division for brands to engage in key segments of Turner's social media following.



"This is much more than just a linear TV series,” stated Mark Burnett, executive producer. “This is the next evolution of storytelling, told simultaneously across many platforms and in many different ways. This is the future.”

Steve Fund, CMO of Intel, said: "The next big technology innovation may be just a concept in someone's mind or an invention being built in someone's garage.”

The TBS show looks to expand Intel’s efforts a year ago with its worldwide “Make It Wearable” challenge. Last year's winners created a drone camera that can wrap around a person's wrist and a cost-effective prosthetic hand created using a 3D printer.

Reality TV shows from Mark Burnett include big branded entertainment-driven shows such as “Survivor,” “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” as well as “Shark Tank” and “The Voice.”

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