Most Video Streaming Comes From A Small Number Of TV Homes

Most video streaming continues to come from a small number of TV homes -- and nearly 80% of that content comes from licensed TV programmers.

The Video Advertising Bureau, a trade group of broadcast and cable TV network companies, released research that says 9% of those who stream video content account for 87% of content watched, and that 78% of this content comes from TV programs licensed from TV networks.

This data comes from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report in the first quarter of 2015 through Nielsen Npower/Cross Platform homes.

Those 9% of video-streaming homes (21.9 million people) average 24.6 minutes a day versus 259.3 minutes for those same homes that watch TV programs on traditional TV. The report notes that 18% of video streaming homes accounts for virtually all streaming.

Overall, the report says the video streaming is not a replacement for traditional TV -- just an addition: “The majority of streamers continue with MVPD [multi-video TV program distributors] subscriptions because TV Everywhere [on digital platforms] packages contain premium content they cannot access elsewhere.”

The VAB points out that there are only a small number of video streaming-only homes. For example, broadband-only homes are just 2.9% of all U.S. TV homes as of May 2015.



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