Rolls Out Programmatic Direct Offering, a supply-side platform (SSP) for video advertising, on Thursday added “programmatic direct” sales capabilities to its platform. Publishers can use StickyAds’ new product -- StickyDirect -- to sell video ads in a half-automated, half-manual manner.

StickyAds likens the new platform to a showcase room in a shopping mall, where publishers can showcase offerings and specific media packages to buyers.

“Programmatic direct offers the best of two worlds -- the efficiencies of programmatic advertising, combined with more traditional direct sales relations between publisher and buyer,” stated Hervé Brunet,’s CEO and co-founder.

Brunet says StickyDirect was “inspired” by the television upfronts -- but the company was also likely “inspired” to move in to the space by projections that say programmatic direct will account for 42% of all programmatic ad spend in the U.S. by 2016, or $8.57 billion.



Earlier this week, Hulu teamed with Oracle and LiveRail so it could begin selling video ads on a “programmatic direct” basis this fall. 

Moves such as Hulu’s and StickyAds’ indicate that the industry is interested in improving the quality of video ads that can be purchased through automation. Interest in this area should only grow in the coming weeks and months.

That’s because WPP’s CEO Martin Sorrell lit a fire underneath the “race to quality” on Wednesday morning when he teed off on the shortcomings of measurement in the digital video ad space, noting that “faulty measurement” is a “great concern” among buyers, and that some brands have even pulled back digital video ad budgets as a result.

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