How Political Advertisers Are Minimizing Waste

Unless they're blessed with Trump money, minimizing waste is a top priority among political advertisers. The challenge is especially vexing when you consider that congressional districts aren't arranged by zip code. Fortunately, the rise of mobile combined with better cross-channel tracking technology is making it easier to track individual voters, according to Evan Hanlon, VP of Strategy & Investment at audience-buying giant Xaxis Americas. "Offline-to-online matching on a one-to-one basis" is now a reality, Hanlon told attendees of OMMA Programmatic Television, on Wednesday. Yet,  many on the traditional side of things are still stuck in the past, noted Chris Choi, director of media at Blue State Digital. They're "stuck on focus groups," he said. Choi said he's never heard of a focus group being exposed to a digital ad and being asked to respond to it.
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