Attribution, Keywords, Bids Cross Ecommerce, Ad Targeting From Search To Social

HookLogic has been working on building out controls to drive up sales performance across the 80% of the top retailers it serves. On Thursday it released advanced attribution reporting, bid features, and keyword controls it says will improve cross sales and ad targeting on retail sites.

Technology aims to help marketers generate business advantages from their investments, particularly as they bridge ecommerce and digital advertising, without having to make decisions on gut guesses. Jonathan Opdyke, CEO of HookLogic, says the company's recent funding allows it to accelerate investment in technologies and build connections that cross caverns.

The entire media chain creates value. The challenge will be in determining how much each contributes. With the holiday season fast approaching, competition between brands continues to rise, admits Opdyke. He believes that this year, technology will significantly change how brands reach consumers. Many are "beginning to discover the power of digital performance marketing and near immediate sales attribution," he says.



Attribution has also made a leap from paid search to social media. Kenshoo -- known originally for its paid-search platform -- and social metrics site Hootsuite earlier this week teamed up to enable tracking and attribution across social and other digital media. The global agreement enables marketers to track revenue from organic Facebook page posts and paid social advertising, and helps them understand, attribute and optimize the impact of their paid and owned social media marketing.

European hotel brand Accor uses Kenshoo to manage its search and social advertising and Hootsuite to manage organic social media. The integration was designed for clients like Accor that want to better understand how organic social media impacts the bottom line.

The agreement allows paid-and-owned social media marketing teams to collaborate in real-time, share insights about advertising and organic social content performance, and optimize the impact of paid campaigns.



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