SendGrid Tries to Win Back Customers With Triggered Emails

SendGrid launched a new triggered email service Thursday that modifies messages based on consumer behavior. The new product, Threads by SendGrid, allows email marketers to design email marketing campaigns based on the user behaviors that are most important to their business.

Threads by SendGrid expands SendGrid’s cloud-based email platform that, per the company, delivers over 20 billion emails a month. SendGrid claims that Threads increases email marketing ROI by increasing conversion and engagement rates with relevant, targeted, and timely email content.

But how are these emails relevant?

SendGrid monitors and collects consumer behavior data, such as Webpage views or mobile app activity, to trigger personalized emails when a customer takes a specific action.

Triggered emails can increase revenue per email by 63% and can generate 18x greater profits, according to studies by Experian and Forrester, respectively.

SendGrid offers several examples online of potential triggered email campaigns, including a welcome series for new user sign-ups, an upgrade abandonment series for customers who haven’t completed downloading software, and a win-back series for customers who cancel their account.



In the win-back scenario online, SendGrid gives the following four steps as a triggered campaign series example:

1. User cancels their account
2. User receives a reminder of benefits
3. User receives an incentive to return
4. User returns and feels values as a customer

Does SendGrid make sure these emails are compliant with Canada's CASL, America's CAN-SPAM ACT, and other anti-spamming laws?

A spokesman noted: “Our compliance and deliverability teams are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best and healthiest sending practices possible. They work directly with customers to provide guidance on how to best comply with anti-spamming laws, such as CASL and the CAN SPAM act.  We also provide content on our blog and host webinars to help our customers understand how to best comply with these regulations.”

Since the CAN-SPAM act does not differentiate from the email sender and third-party email marketing technologies, it is essential any email marketer using SendGrid monitor their automated campaigns and ensure that all unsubscribe requests are honored.

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