AerServ Sees Skyrocketing In-App Mobile Video Sales

Mobile mediation platform AerServ announced a 300% increase in it’s in-app mobile video sales over the past 12 months today.

All across the industry, companies are seeing demand for mobile video supply increasing. Globally, online video ads are expected to grow by 22% this year, and an additional 19% in 2016 according to Carat.

“Despite studies pointing to mobile video advertising as the most rapidly growing market, issues remain -- namely lack of access to quality inventory at scale,” stated AppNexus’ Eric Hoffert, SVP, video technology. (BI Intelligence forecasts a combined average growth rate of 73%  for mobile video ads between 2013 and 2018.)

AerServ CEO Josh Speyer says that there is ample supply to meet the demand for quality mobile video inventory, ibut it’s hard for suppliers and publishers to get connected. “Part of it is going to the providers and surfacing their inventory to the places people are buying,” he says.

Additionally, everyone wants premium inventory, which can be hard to find. “It’s not that there’s no organic produce in the world, it’s that it’s not all available at Costco,” he adds.

Established SSPs including AppNexus, PubMatic, Smaato among others have partnered with AerServ to help resolve that problem.

Neilsen finds that consumers who don’t even watch an ad all the way through are still positively affected by video ads. People who watch for less than three seconds made up 47% of the total campaign value, while those who watch less than 10 seconds made up 74%.

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