Digital Publishers Cite Need For Improved Cross-Device Visitor Tech, Real-Time Signals

Some 88% of digital publishers say they want better cross-device visitor identity technology, per a new report from Econsultancy and Signal, a provider of real-time people-based marketing.

The majority of survey respondents said connecting visitor identity across devices and platforms would add a CPM premium.

However, 46% of respondents said they were not confident in their cross-device identity technology and could not differentiate mobile visitors. Less than half said they could resolve identity across devices and platforms, including mobile.

“A lot of publishers feel that they have insufficient scales to recognize visitors across channels,” Kathy Menis, senior vice president of marketing at Signal, told Real-Time Daily.

“There are more mobile-only consumers than desktop consumers, and that’s where publishers and advertisers need to be,” she said. Citing the importance of personalized experiences, Menis added that advertisers need to provide “a premium environment to target customers in a context that's relevant to their services.”



The most sought-after capabilities for publishers are advertiser and intent-data targeting – 96% said they wanted to offer advertisers the ability to identify customers and real-time signals to target with live-intent data.

Moreover, 80% of digital publishers wanted better data-driven capabilities to help advertisers target customized audiences at scale, according to a post on Signal’s blog. That finding is a competitive reality. Publishers need to keep up with walled gardens, like Facebook and Google, which are able to target known customers at scale.

“Publishers need the technology to allow advertisers to use first-party data for those customized audiences,” said Menis, who stressed that people-based marketing is critical to the success of digital publishers.

“It's allowing advertisers to have more control … more accountability and accuracy. They're seeing a higher rate of conversion from a publisher side and generating more advertising revenue in general,” she added, as well as “greater reach.”

The full survey is here
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  1. Steve Baldwin from Didit, October 15, 2015 at 4:28 p.m.

    “It's allowing advertisers to have more control … more accountability and accuracy."

    Unfortunately, unless it's also about giving users "more control, more insight into the targeting process, and more confidence that their personal data will not be used against them by unknown parties," this initiative will simply raise the height of the Ad Blocking Tsunami rising in front of the AdTech Edifice.

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