Political Views Linked To Consumer Purchase Behavior

The Rocket Fuel Research Team examined political preferences of 2,832 registered voters in five swing states on these issues that will shape election cycles to help advertisers connect with consumers around topics that will likely change their behavior.

Using these profiles, Rocket Fuel analysts believe advertisers can explore similarities to model constituents based on how they might feel about a given issue. Political advertisers can use the data to broaden their consideration of who they consider a target audience and how to reach them.

The report begins with what it calls the three most controversial topics: abortion, legalization of assault weapons, and gay marriage. This post focuses on the issue of abortion.

Robert Jones, director of research and insights at Rocket Fuel, says the available political data doesn't encompass the "whole story, so if you want to reach these people effectively, you need to predict who has what stance."



Overall, 58% of survey respondents believe abortion should remain legal in the United States. Looking at the respondents' profiles from a political point of view, the study found 89% of Democratic voters in favor of continued legalization of abortion, with Republicans mostly against it, more than 75%.

Stepping outside political classifications makes the report more interesting. It turns out respondents who support the continued legalization of abortion are 127% more likely the female head of household; 100% more likely a running enthusiast; 76%, healthcare professional; 60%, shop for clothes often; 58%, have an interest in wine; 50%, have purchased music recently; 48%, have an interest in international travel; 38%, enjoy country and folk music; and 37%, prefer domestic automobiles; 31% more likely to spend more than $300 on a watch; 29%, buy Cole Haan shoes; 29%, go on a cruise; and 27%, eat at Chipotle.

Those who oppose legalized abortion are 104% more likely to be candy-lovers; 101% more likely religious; 92%, enjoy sweet baked goods; 84%, stay-at-home moms; 77%, have three or more children; 71%, buy frozen vegetables; 70%, buy peanut butter; 67%, new moms; 59%, watch game shows; 54%, read health magazines; 52%, hunt; 50%, travel for business; and 50% are more likely interested in photography.

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