Stoli's Mobile 'Vodka' Campaign Is Shaken, Not Stirred

A cartoon dog pees on the floor and a woman in a white dress (a la Marilyn Monroe) shakes a cocktail shaker while standing on a 1950s belt-exerciser. Then she pours the drink into a martini glass.

It’s a video from Stoli’s “The Vodka” campaign, and it’s received an experimental makeover for mobile, layering in haptics, or the sense of touch, to the experience. In short, your phone vibrates in time with the video.

Stoli and Horizon Media are launching the campaign with mobile ad network Opera MediaWorks and haptic technology company Immersion.

Stoli is the first brand to utilize the vibrating tech on Opera MediaWorks’ mobile network. The ads will be played in pre-roll and full page video formats on Entertainment and Sports apps.

The ads will only run on Android phones. Jason Patton, VP and GM of content at Immersion says that the Android team has embraced the capabilities of phones and allowed developers access.

Alex Stone, digital director at Horizon Media, says that Stoli wanted pioneer the haptic tech, and that the implications for marketers were clear. “It’s one more step forward in marketers taking mobile creative seriously. They need to think about the device differently. We’ve made a tremendous amount of progress getting marketers to think beyond the 30-second spot,” he says. However, he cautions it's “important to use [the technology] correctly. Haptics for haptic’s sake isn’t the right way to go.”

Mike Owen, Opera’s EVP North American sales, says that it’s still early days for the technology, but hopes that more ads will bring more data and more understanding about the role of haptics in mobile marketing.

Horizon is partnering with Neilsen to measure the awareness lift this campaign brings, how tablet and mobile users interact with the ads differently, and create a data set for marketers in the future.

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