Mindshare Goes Global With Its Shop+ Division

Digital continues to transform the shopping experience -- which is why Mindshare is expanding its Shop+ operation.

Shop+ covers all forms of commerce, from exploring beacons in physical stores to the latest adaptive pricing and promotion technologies being used by online retailers. And after a soft launch in North America, Mindshare is taking Shop+ global and making it a formal worldwide unit. 

"We are at the beginning of a third wave in digital marketing, with exponential growth in new data sources and technology, which is why we recently launched Life+ to help brands explore their role in the emerging Internet of Things," says Norm Johnston, chief digital and strategy officer, Mindshare Worldwide. "These same dramatic changes are happening in retail, and we intend to help our clients be at the forefront of digital and data innovation in both offline and online shopping.” 



In North America, Shop+ is led out of New York, led by Joe Migliozzi. In Europe, it will be led out of London, and in Asia, it will be led out of Singapore, with plans for further expansion into China. 

For now. the Shop+ unit is working with several unidentified Mindshare clients. Plans are in the works to roll it out more broadly in the coming months.  

Shop+ has several partnerships to bolster its data and insights capabilities. They include arrangements with Checkout 51, a mobile coupon app for shoppers; InMarket, one of the largest beacon proximity, location intelligence and mobile shopper marketing platforms, and Footmarks, an enterprise awareness (beacons) platform provider. 

“Digital technology continues to dramatically change retail, from online to mobile to in-store,” says Migliozzi. “Despite all these separate evolving channels, the consumer doesn’t see a distinction between online and offline shopping. It is one experience and brands must integrate all brand and shopper media across all channels to communicate a strong and consistent message from awareness all the way to conversion."


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