Apple Mac Users Finally Get A Bing Ads Editor

Microsoft engineers have begun to work on Bing Ads Editor for Mac, with a delivery date planned for summer of 2016. It will no longer require a PC to manage paid-search campaigns on Bing.The goal is to make is easier for Mac users to manage campaigns in Bing Ads Editor. The desktop editor comes with a new user interface and features.

Devang Gandhi, senior program manager at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post that the engineering team redesigned the user interface and added multi-account management features.

"In this version, you will be able to manage multiple accounts," he writes. "Add as many accounts as you want and download campaign data for multiple accounts simultaneously, right from the accounts manager window."

Marketers will have the ability to open each account in a separate editor window and drag/drop or copy/paste entities across accounts.

Gandhi explains how the user interface has been simplified, putting things like location and sitelinks extensions accessible in one click from the account window. The list will also display the number of entities of each type within the selected scope making your campaign management tasks much easier.

The Bing Ads Editor already available for Windows enables marketers to sync campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline, and upload revisions with one click. Through the Office user interface marketers can edit ads, ad groups and thousands of keywords, as well as import account data from other search engines directly into Bing Ads Editor. 

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