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Traffic Quality Crackdown Kicks Off Record Price Rise

  • The Drum, Tuesday, November 24, 2015 6:30 AM

More news on the AppNexus debacle. The Drum reports that the company has claimed that a crackdown on invalid traffic on its platform helped kick off a record increase in the price advertisers are willing to pay for quality inventory during the last quarter, with a separate initiative from the ad tech platform seeing view through rates rocket by 77%. The findings are in its latest Digital Advertising Index, which also documents the period when the ad tech outfit launched its AppNexus IQ scheme that saw it ditch traffic that it deemed invalid, thus limiting the amount available via its platform. AppNexus has claimed this resulted in the average clickthrough rates (CTR) jumping 46% compared to 12 months earlier, with publishers selling inventory via the platform also seeing a 255% jump in average CPMs, according to the report.



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