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ANA Study: Most Marketers Would Shift Ad Spend Over Lack Of Third-Party Measurement

AdExchanger's take on the ANA study that found that most marketers would shift ad spend due to insufficient third-party measurement. In an ANA survey of 154 members conducted this summer, 90% of marketer respondents also said they are “not fully confident” that their working media meets digital viewability requirements set forth by bodies such as the Media Rating Council (MRC)."The question we asked was, 'Do you think larger digital media owners should allow their inventory to be measured by a [third party]?'" Bill Duggan, group EVP for the ANA told AdExchanger's Kelly Liyakasa. "I think even if you took out the word 'larger,' [many marketers would agree] any media owner should be measured by a third-party source." Duggan told Liyakas that the ANA's committees were "encouraged" that, without any prompting from its own organization, platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter (which announced video viewability reporting through Moat in June) had begun to make strides in third-party measurement allowances.

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