Viewers Overwhelmed With TV Show/Platform Choices

An increasing number of TV viewers feel “overwhelmed” by too many TV shows and too many TV platforms.

Now, 51% say there are so many shows to choose from that it’s hard to know “where to start,” according to Hub Entertainment Research. This trend is up from 42% in 2014.

Almost 60% say they are more likely to choose TV sources that make it easy to find new shows -- up from 48% last year.

Still, viewers say online platforms have helped in other ways -- like finding new TV shows. Some 35% who frequent online TV platforms, using two or more services, are always searching for new shows, versus 10% who are content with their existing favorites.

Overall, more than half of consumers (52%) say online discovery of a TV show led them to watch the same show on traditional TV.

Hub Research 2015 survey came from 1,200 U.S. TV viewers with broadband service, ages 16 to 74, with data collected in October 2015.



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  1. ida tarbell from s-t broadcasting, December 1, 2015 at 5:01 p.m.

    The Big 4 networks, PBS and Cable whose programming appears via satellite too are increasingly being ignored by American viewers.  The Big 3 phone it in during Prime Time because they can afford to while collecting royalties from cable and satellite. The press, which knows this is the case, pretends  programming is as good as it always was, the better to host ads from local tv stations and networks in their pages.  American television is broken. Its not clear that a miniseries here and there or a flawed live presentation of an old musical once a year will improve the situation.  TV programmers have pulled stunts to make the shows cheaper and shoddier.  Americans have know it all along and are finally fed up.  What's more, there are too many screens beaming too many programs to support the advertising TV model any longer.

  2. Chuck Hildebrandt from Self, December 1, 2015 at 6:51 p.m.

    This is why I use the Yidio app, to find out on which platforms shows and movies I might be interested in are playing.

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