Who Comes After Millennials? Asks MTV - 'Founders' Teens' Top Pick

Who will come after “Millennials?” MTV did some research, asking 13- to-14-year-old consumers to decide on a name for themselves. The top choice? "The Founders."

MTV's results came from a nationwide in-depth study -- in-person focus groups of 1,047 13- to-14-year-olds. The group considered more than 500 potential names.

Those born after 2001 have been mostly referred to as “Gen Z.” Other monikers for this group include ‘iGen” and “Plurals.” 

In a statement, Jane Gould, senior vp of MTV Insights, said: “The name ‘Gen Z’ has always seemed like a bit of placeholder to us – it doesn’t convey any sense of identity for this generation -- so we thought, ‘Why not ask them to name themselves?”.



Top names from the MTV study, after the top “Founder” generation name, were the "Bridge" Generation, the "Builder" Generation, the "Regenerator’" generation, and the "Navigator" generation.

Among the findings: Ninety percent of 13- to-14-year-olds agreed that “my generation is going to start a new society where diversity is accepted and encouraged,” with 91% saying “technology has helped my generation understand people who are different in terms of race, religion and sexuality” and 91% saying “I’m optimistic our generation can build a better world.”

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