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Rubicon Project Is Beta Testing Header Bidding For Mobile Apps

AdExchanger reports that Rubicon Project is beta testing header bidding in mobile apps with 20 publishers. Early results for the product, FastLane, saw CPM increases of up to 300%. Rubicon will release the product more widely to publishers in Q1 of next year, the report said. Unlike the mobile web or desktop, mobile apps bring in demand via SDKs, server-to-server integrations and APIs. Whie mobile ad servers are newer, they haven’t solved the same problem that made header bidding popular on desktop: fragmented demand. The two dominant mobile ad servers, MoPub and DoubleClick for Publishers, use price estimates of bids from RTB demand sources, not confirmed prices, to choose who gets to serve an ad. When publishers go by these estimates, they can lose potential revenue. "According to Rubicon mobile head Joe Prusz, greater pricing disparities on mobile mean publishers stand to lose more with a bad waterfall setup, and gain more by implementing header bidding on mobile apps."

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