Cutting Back On Mobile Usage May Improve Your Health

One in two Americans check their cell phone before getting out of bed in the morning, and the average person looks at their phone 134 times during the day. 

That’s unhealthy, according to health care provider Dignity Health, which has launched the "Take Back Your Morning" initiative to educate people about the "physical, mental and emotional effects associated with the overuse of mobile devices, particularly when starting the day." 

This multifaceted project was created by several shops working as a team.

PR shop Allison+Partners developed the overall concept and research, which identified trends in the utilization of mobile devices. As part of the PR effort, it created an infographic that highlights the project's research insights.

The agency also put together live exhibitions hosted in Phoenix and Sacramento. 

Digital partner R/GA created the campaign landing page, while creative agency Eleven developed a series of short videos to be used for advertising and across social media channels.  



Horizon Media, Dignity Health’s media strategy agency, designed and implemented media buys to maximize visibility for ads in the morning. The campaign was also promoted through Dignity Health’s social-media channels. 

Since the effort's launch in November, the integrated campaign has received 1.5 million video views and 11 million earned impressions. The video shorts resulted in the most engagement across all social platforms, including Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, with more than 8,600 ‘Likes.’ 

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