Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Bows New Political Party: The Bud Light Party

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen star in an amusing 60-second ad that takes a lighthearted look at politics.

"The Bud Light Party" is the first work created by Wieden+Kennedy and showcases Schumer and Rogen as politicians running under a new political party: The Bud Light Party. Because Americans might disagree on many things, but everyone apparently loves Paul Rudd and beer.

Following a brief cameo by Paul Rudd, Schumer and Rogen travel the country, telling Americans about the size of their caucus.

"It's not like, too big," quips Schumer, as she's riding a horse. "You can handle it."

The ad ends with America seeing the light... "and there's a Bud in front of it," says Rogen. Watch it here.



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