Mobile Dominates Video Ad Views During Super Bowl, Searches On Google

Mobile devices dominated views of Super Bowl 50 advertisements and teasers on YouTube during the game Sunday, according to data released Monday.

Some 60% of the 330 million views came from mobile devices -- the first time the majority of the game's views have occurred on mobile, reports Google.

Overall, during the game, people spent 300,000 hours on YouTube watching Super Bowl 2016 ads and teaser videos.

This year, YouTube says, video submissions rose 25% compared with last year.

While most went to YouTube to view videos, fans turned to Google to search for specific related content. Top trending searches on Google ranks Beyoncé performing “Formation" as No. 1, according to Google. Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem followed, along with "Jonathan Stewart scores touchdown," "Brandon McManus scores field goal," and "C.J. Anderson scores touchdown."



YouTube counts views when users click to play and watch a video for at least 30 seconds.

Group messaging app Blend CEO Akash Nigam, who attended Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, says that for a moment the Bay area became the center of the world -- host to a ton of celebrities.

Fans around him were especially hyped up on the halftime show. The 22-year co-founder says most chatted about Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem, all the "girls were freaking out and dancing in the background when Beyonce performed," he says.

The advertisements running during Super Bowl 50 may have been the furthest thing on the minds for those attending the game, but the top trending ads on YouTube as of 9 p.m. Sunday were from Hyundai Elantra, Pokemon, MINI USA, Hyundai, Mountain Dew, Axe, Hyundai Ryanville, Doritos Ultrasound, Snickers, and Doritos Dogs.

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