Retail Most Popular Outstream Mobile Video Category In Q4

In Q4 2015, retail, tech, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and automotive were the leading outstream mobile video categories, according to Positive Mobile.  Outstream mobile video ads are ads that play outside of video content and act more like native in-feed videos-- for example, between paragraphs of an article.

With the holiday season behind us, it’s probably a no brainer that media buyers focused on retail at the end of the year. However, several categories that were expected to do well didn’t perform up to expectations.

"What surprised us is the relatively low ranking for Travel and particularly Financial Services. For FinTech and Mobile Payments to catch on, we'll have to see Financial Services advertisers lead in a mobile marketing category like mobile video,” stated Positive Mobile CEO Tzahi Stein.

Retail had 19% of the market share, and 53% of that was attributed to mass market retailers that dominated the space in the holiday season ahead of drug stores (10%), fashion (9%) and food service (6%).



Tech followed, with apps at the top of the heap at (57%), while media (8%), streaming devices (8%), smart watches (8%), and tablets (8%) rounded out the list.

According to a survey from eMarketer last year, the majority of agencies and advertisers cited outstream video ads as the most important for their client’s overall ad portfolios. Other benefits that respondents highlighted in that survey were the amount of inventory, the less-annoying experience, and 59% said they had seen better ROI than other categories.

Looking ahead at other events that will influence media buying, Stein stated, "We might have to wait until Q2 or Q3 to see Political Advertising rise on the charts added by the targeting abilities of mobile video advertising."

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