PushSpring Partners With LiveRamp To Expand Availability Of Data And Distribution

PushSpring, a mobile app audience data provider, on Tuesday announced a partnership with LiveRamp, a data onboarding platform, that will make PushSpring's proprietary data actionable across LiveRamp’s digital marketing, mobile, TV and premium publisher integrations.

The announcement coincides with the launch of PushSpring's Audience Console, which provides advertisers and app publishers with mobile app audience data for more than 170 million unique device IDs in the U.S. and Canada. The Console uses billions of mobile app data signals and related device data to create PushSpring Personas and App Genre Segments.

The partnership will also enable PushSpring to offer cross-device targeting of PushSpring segments for customers on demand, Karl Stillner, PushSpring's CEO and co-founder, stated.

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