Ditto, Tickr Partnership Tracks Metrics For Photos In Social

What do you get when crossing photo analytics for social media and performance management? Real-time performance metrics for social media photos made possible by a partnership between Ditto Labs and Tickr.

The deal, announced Wednesday, will allow marketers to track metrics for the billions of images people use to communicate by sharing photos across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media sites. The two companies call it "photo analytics."

Many of these images include brand products -- but typically, if the brand isn't named in the Facebook post or mentioned in the accompanying text, marketers do not have the means to capture the brand reference in a photo.  

But analyzing the content of related photos means marketers now have metrics to measure sentiment, intent, but also mood.

Ditto's computer vision technology scans user-generated photos on social media and, in real time, measures the occurrence of products, logos, and likenesses. Personal affinities and product preferences appear in these shared photos.



Ditto and Tickr say marketers can gain insights about brand perception from the context, use, pairings and sentiment of images. Marketers can measure campaigns, monitor competition, engage with influencers, and mine user-generated content and seek permission to re-use it.

Altimeter Group predicts that the advertising and marketing industry will begin to see analytics for visual content much more frequently. "As we move into 2016, it’s clear that we need mechanisms to better understand the impact and resonance of visual content on the Web," writes Altimeter Analyst Susan Etlinger in a blog post.

Oracle, Crimson Hexagon, Tracx, Synthesio have partnered with emerging visual analytics companies such as Ditto and Piqora to make the metrics real, per Etlinger.

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