PlaceIQ Partners With LiveRamp For Addressable TV Campaigns

PlaceIQ, a location-based audience and insight platform, in partnership with LiveRamp, a provider of data onboarding and connectivity services, announced the completion of a series of addressable TV campaigns this week.

Running across three verticals (retail, automotive, and tourism), the campaigns targeted households and then used location data to measure real world foot traffic on top of the addressable TV ads.

Based on PlaceIQs metrics, the ads lifted visitation 46% on average across the automotive, retail and tourism verticals. Retail brands saw an average lift in visitation of 70%, automotive brands saw an average lift in dealership visitation of 50%, and tourist destinations saw an average lift in visitation of 20%.

The ability to measure the effect of addressable TV on foot traffic “provides a definitive answer to whether that TV ad led to a real world interaction,” stated Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder of PlaceIQ.



PlaceIQ provided the location and visitation measurement, while LiveRamp onboarded data to match audience segments. The campaigns also provided anonymous audience data that can be used in similar campaigns in the future.

"Better connections across data sets and marketing platforms help marketers engage consumers with relevant messages and tie campaigns back to real results," stated Travis May, president/GM of LiveRamp.

Advertisers and marketers have been working to combine offline and online datasets to understand their audiences. Part of the allure of digital advertising that has never been truly fulfilled is the ability to measure exactly what effect an ad had on an audience.

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