Beachfront Media Makes Programmatic Buying Easier

Cross-screen video ad tech company Beachfront Media announced an update to their programmatic offering intended to optimize their supply side platform (SSP) for users.

The update constitutes two parts: adding control over priorities within Beachfront’s mediation interfaces, and a self-service Deal ID capability.

As programmatic mobile video buying has taken off, Frank Sinton, CEO of Beachfront Media says that the tools for programmatic buying need to be made easier.

“Having just one private marketplace doesn’t mean much to the advertiser. When you’re setting up your own storefront, you want to expose your product in a way that makes sense, so we’ve given publishers tools to expose their inventory programmatically better,” says Sinton.



Within the platform, publishers can choose who they want to expose their inventory to, allowing them to court the buyers that they want. The visibility settings will mean that buyers can request access from the publisher after viewing available inventory.

Publishers can also set priorities among their approved buyers using a simple drag and drop interface. “Each marketplace that a publisher sets up in our SSP can have a number of priority levels. We’ve really spent time developing server to server ad calls, and can do the mediation of an ad in under a millisecond,” says Sinton.

The self-service Deal ID features allow publishers to set fixed price, auction and guaranteed deals directly with their buyers, as well as segment data and choose the inventory placement layer.

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