Google Data Shows 'Near Me' Searches Grew 146%

Mobile contributes 88% to all "near me" searches, with those growing at 146% year-over-year. The key to success, however, is recognizing and optimizing marketing campaigns for theme-specific keywords in categories such as cars and hotels, according to Google data.

In fact, a "near me" search looking for instant gratification such as a "coffee shop near me" grew more than 130% in 2015, compared with the prior year.

Google defines "mobile-centric searches" as searches that happen at least 75% of the time on a mobile device. It's about having the correct information and content available at the moment the search occurs, but these searches are only one type of "near me" search.

Searches for luxury cars grew nearly 90% on mobile from 2014 to 2015. The top mobile auto attributes were "for sale," "price" and "dealership."



The report notes that the three themes represent different moments in a typical auto-shopping journey. For example, searches like "Tesla price," "Maserati price," and "Audi R8 cost."

Mobile also supports searches for bling and rings, with three of the top themes in the jewelry category: promise rings, wedding rings, and engagement rings. Promise-ring related mobile searches grew 77% during the same time frame. These jewelry searches are spawn by spikes around holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Hotel searches run the gamut, from searches related to business travelers searching for a luxury hotel in Los Angeles to the family looking for a last-minute place to sleep near Disneyland. Citing data from, Google says 74% of mobile bookings are made for same-day check-in. Themes related to "near me," "cheap," and "price."

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