Immersv Launches First Mobile VR Ad Platform

Immersv announced the launch of an ad platform for mobile VR content — think more Google Cardboard as opposed to Oculus Rift. The platform has been in private beta since December of last year.

The content will be almost entirely video, says Mihir Shah, Immersv’s CEO, and will be focused primarily on two different kinds of ads: “ads for other VR content, like developers producing VR games, and content marketing on steroids from major brands. Many of the car companies already have one, where you’re in the experience.”

Marketers can run either spherical ads or flat ads with VR settings.

As of right now, Immersv has seen 80% completion rates with their video ads, but Shah admits that a lot of that comes from the enthusiasm of early adopters.



There are a number of companies that have been focusing on VR for the past couple of years, but Shah says that 2016 is the year the technology will move out of early adoption and start to appeal to a larger market. That's mostly because of the content that will be available.

"There are already thousands of game developers—companies, that are launching VR titles this year. It’s not like it’s 20 crazy people in a basement somewhere,” he says.

Tech is starting to be built specifically with VR in mind, like Samsung’s Galaxy 7. There are rumors circling that Google is building a standalone VR headset that won’t be tethered to a mobile device or a PC.

“My expectation is that we’re in the millions of daily active users in Q4 this year—that’s millions, not tens of millions,” says Shah.


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