Traditional Media Spend Slows, Digital Maintains Strong Growth

Global consumer spending for traditional media will continue to slow down to under a 1% growth rate in coming years -- while digital media consumer spending will maintain double-digit percentage annual hikes.

PQ Media says worldwide consumer spending on traditional media content and technology is expected to grow 0.9% by 2019 -- on a compounded annual growth rate -- to $597.4 billion.

Traditional media spend rose 1.9% in 2014 to around $571.5 billion.

By contrast, digital media is expected to see strong gains -- 10.4% by 2019, on a compounded annual growth rate, to $1.42 trillion. Digital media content and technology had been growing at a 12% rate in 2014 to $863.2 billion.

Globally, media consumers are projected to spend, on average, just under $300 a year on media content and technology in 2016 -- with 65% going to digital content and technology and 35% going to traditional media spending.



By 2019, it is expected that total media and technology spending for global consumers will grow to around $350 per year.

PQ Media defines digital media and technology as including media content obtained through the Internet on wireless and digital devices, including video-game consoles, over-the-top (OTT), pay TV services, and satellite radio receivers.

Traditional media content and technology spending is defined by content and technology developed originally in analog formats.

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