Answer Media Touts Its Auto-Play VideoMosh

The online advertising business seems destined to react to the ad mode of the moment on the biggest sites. These days the challenge seems to be getting ad views away from the walled gardens and the challenge of getting videos ads viewed on mobile devices.

Answer Media’s newish VideoMosh platform is there to help publishers monetize themselves by offering a a video player that can maneuvered and outstream auto-played video ad units that play within VideoMosh’s library of 300,000 videos.

 Those units add up to a significant monetizable feature for publishers.

Sites need the input. “A lot of publishers are really under-monetized, says Loren Wilson, Answer Media’s CEO, who says VideoMosh’s value “revolved around its premium content and player.

“We’ve operated more as a traditional ad network in the past, matching opportunity with publisher,” he said.



But making a big effort to outstream better quality video improves viewership on mobile device. “Lots of the problems in the industry come from not being able to determine what makes a legitimate premium video, or being able to supply it.”

Answer Media consolidated its video solutions under the VideoMosh brand in June, but it’s only coming out of testing now. It allows publishers to access performance stats and set up ad units and code.

Increasingly urgent for publishers, VideoMosh also  lets publishers share and monetize the videos on Facebook, of crucial importance as more and more video views originate on that social site than on individual Websites.

Likewise, the auto-play feature is what so far works best for mobile users.

“We focus on solving a problem,” Wilson says. “Ultimately, we want to get code on the page.”

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