AT&T Hosts Nationwide 'Addressable Upfronts'

AT&T AdWorks says it will host the industry’s first “Addressable Upfronts” beginning in April.

The company says there will be more than 100 events customized for specific advertisers across the country -- helping marketers learn how to best use addressable advertising in reaching targeted audiences.

The company said it would show off its linear addressable TV efforts and and cross-screen addressable opportunities.

AT&T’s DirecTV and U-Verse TV platforms have 26 million and 6 million homes pay TV homes, respectively.

New York City events will be held at its AT&T AdWorks Lab. Outside of New York City, there will be a AT&T AdWorks “Lab-to-Go.”

Recently, AT&T AdWorks launched a self-service programmatic platform -- Video Inventory Platform (VIP) -- allowing access to linear TV ad inventory across many cable TV networks through its DirectTV and U-Verse TV businesses.



The service -- built by video advertising/technology platform company Videology -- will incorporate AT&T’s TV Blueprint audience-base inventory platform in some 210 national DMA markets.

DirecTV and U-Verse TV have around 75 cable advertising networks, where it retains roughly two minutes per hour of advertising inventory.

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