Drones, Robots And Connections: The New Innovations In The Internet Of Things

The wide-ranging scope of the capabilities coming with The Internet of Things creates a relatively unlimited number of ways to create new and innovative methods to interact with consumers.

These can range from new ways to incorporate robotic devices to leveraging drones for not only product delivery but also as a new advertising mechanism.

Drones, commonly viewed as a future delivery mechanism, are now being seen as way to deliver super-targeted advertising.

Engineers at Swiss firm Aerotain have created a helium-filled balloon with propellers that can carry messages like a large floating billboard to consumers based on their location.

And robots, commonly seen as a great aid inside large manufacturing facilities, are now being introduced to the public as a way to deliver various goods to them.

For example, the Domino’s Robotics Unit is testing pizza delivery by robot in New Zealand. The 3-foot tall robot has a heated compartment and can drive itself 13 miles from a pizza store. Other similar prototypes are underway.

And more smart things are starting to be connected to each other.

For example, Amazon’s Alexa is being linked to Fitbit fitness trackers, so a consumer can ask Alexa for status check on their activity by simply asking the device when they walk in the door.

Alexa also can be tapped for consumers who use Capital One to link into their financial information using just their voice.

And travelers at Dallas Fort Worth Airport can look to their Apple Watch for information to help them navigate the massive airport.

The Internet of Things is still in the early stages, but the capabilities are being created and fine-tuned so that consumer-oriented innovation can easily and rapidly follow.

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