BIZ DEV: Videoconferencing Tely Names nFusion AOR

Tely, a provider of video conferences, named nFusion as its first AOR.

This relationship has been months in development. In Q3 of 2015, Tely first approached nFusion with three primary goals: to build a brand story that would speak to its target audience, support that story with compelling content and messaging, and build category awareness of the need for enterprises to maximize creative collaboration by using video in "huddle spaces."

nFusion’s plan included a company rebrand, designed to introduce Tely to the enterprise space, and the launch of Tely 200, an enterprise-class, cloud-optimized video endpoint. During the first phase of their engagement, nFusion also focused on assisting Tely to “rediscover” and “remap” its target audience based on both persona and position in the customer journey.

"We chose nFusion because of their proven expertise in helping technology companies grow and launch new products,” stated Todd Abbott, president and chief executive officer of Tely. “We saw the way they nail it for major brands like Google, Samsung and Microsoft as well as modern challenger brands, and we wanted a different type of agency partner that could help us earn business away from companies like Polycom and Cisco that are underserving today’s enterprises."

The deal is international. nFusion is also actively running campaigns in EMEA (UK, France, Germany and the Nordic countries.)



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