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Programmatic Was Supposed To Make Things Easier, Wasn't It?

The Economist reports on concerns over ad fraud and fragmentation in the overly crowded ad tech space noting that programmatic media buying and selling was supposed to make online advertising easier. While in some ways, it has. In many ways, it's made the process more complex. "The trading of online ad slots is as complex as it is fiendishly fast. Thousands of firms jostle to analyse consumer data and buy, sell and monitor ads. Middlemen repackage 'inventory' (as ad slots are known in the business), then sell it to other middlemen. An ad impression sold programmatically can change hands 15 times before finally being bought by an advertiser, notes Peter Stabler, an analyst at Wells Fargo, a bank," states the report. The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Randall Rothenberg weighed in as well: “We have an immature supply chain that is constantly evolving,” which brings both "innovation and headaches".



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