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Pandora CRO Speaks To Plans For Programmatic Audio

After a shakeup that included appointments of a new CEO, CFO, COO and CPO, Pandora CRO John Trimble -- the only person who wasn't affected by the reboot -- chats with AdExchanger's Sarah Sluis.  Pandora's user growth has stalled in the face of competition by Spotify and Google Play Music even while ad revenue is up. Trimble said that programmatic is key to Pandora's growth strategy, noting: "We are just in the early stages now of programmatic mobile [display], and we are learning a lot there. ...The next step is how we think about an audio programmatic offering. We do see audio programmatic in our future, but not something I feel like we have to be there tomorrow with." As far as the pros and cons of programmatic audio, Trimble offered this take: ’We've been bullish from the start about programmatic. I never considered it to be a race to the bottom. If you have a good, high-quality audience, you have the ability to keep CPMs up. That’s what we see with our early entry into mobile. Targeting and segmenting gives you a lift on your CPMs. We think about the audio marketplace the same way. We only see upside from a CPM perspective with more intelligence, and the ability to serve ads at the right time and right place."

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