Notablist Expands Email Marketing Search Engine

Notablist doubled the number of searchable email campaigns on its business intelligence platform to over 10 million on Monday. 

Notablist is an email search and monitoring platform with an archive of email marketing newsletters and campaigns. The business intelligence platform originally launched just ahead of the busy holiday season in September 2015 with 4 million searchable email campaigns, and has now expanded to over 10 million email campaigns from more than 500,000 global brands.

"Business intelligence lets email marketers stay on top of what the competition is doing -- their subject lines, creatives, send times and frequency, etc - and it also provides inspiration that helps them create better campaigns," says Michael Johnston, founder of Notablist. "It’s also extremely useful for trend spotting and identifying new competitors."



Email marketers can search email campaigns in real-time, and filtering capabilities include Alexa rank, data, category, language, color and email service provider. Instant alerts and daily digests help marketers keep track of their competitors’ marketing campaigns and advanced query language can help marketers in need of creative inspiration from example campaigns.

Email marketers can also leverage Notablist’s data exporting capability to transfer search results to their own internal email marketing systems, and an interactive timeline viewer and keyword chart helps marketers monitor industry marketing trends.

"Some of our customers are also using Notablist in unexpected ways." says Johnston. "For instance, one company uses Notablist to monitor compliance of their affiliate marketers by tracking the offers they send. Another uses our ESP detection feature for sales prospecting. Give people access to information they’ve never had before and they’ll quickly come up with innovative ways of using it."

Total email volume is expected to increase 5% year-over-year to 215.3 billion emails sent and received per day in 2016, according to The Radicati Group, and competitive monitoring may help marketers stay ahead of their peers and competitors.

Notablist offers a free trial version of their search engine, and then pricing is based on a monthly subscription plan.


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