Boomtrain And SparkPost Partner For Predictive Email Marketing

Predictive marketing company Boomtrain has joined forces with the cloud-based email service SparkPost to deliver predictive, automated email marketing at scale.  Boomtrain’s machine intelligence will now power SparkPost’s automated email platform to create personalized emails on an individual level.

Boomtrain’s predictive intelligence helps marketers target customers with recommended content that the reader is most likely to engage with, while SparkPost offers an email automation platform that assembles individually tailored messages designed to delivery correctly in any inbox and at the correct, optimal engagement period.

The integration of Boomtrain and SparkPost will also help marketers deliver a seamless experience across additional channels, including email, on-site, in-app, SMS and push notifications. 



“SparkPost’s leading infrastructure, combined with Boomtrain’s AI-powered marketing automation, delivers the new standard for marketers,” states Neej Gore, SVP of business operations at Boomtrain, in a blog post about the partnership. “Inevitably, consumers benefit through more timely conversations tailored to their individual preferences.”

SparkPost customers immediately gain the ability to harness Boomtrain’s machine-learning algorithms to create personalized content for email marketing and on-site engagement. Additional features include auto-event generation based on visitors viewing a specific URL and a drag-and-drop editor for responsive email templates that include native support.

Marketers who leverage predictive technologies are much more likely to show revenue growth, and the Boomtrain and SparkPost allegiance could be very powerful collaboration for email marketers. Predictive marketers are almost three times more likely to show revenue growth than traditional marketers according to a recent study by EverString and Forrester Consulting.

Top performing email marketers are also four times more likely to use predictive intelligence and data science, according to a recent study by Salesforce.

Boomtrain claims their customers seen an average increase of email engagement by 240% and a 400% increase in content engagement.






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