Google's Paid Search Ads Tweak CPCs, CTRs For Top Auto Keywords

Redesigns don't always work, especially when it comes to ad placement. A lot of effort goes into testing, trial and error. AdGooroo published data analyzing the top 20 automotive industry keywords prior- and post- Google's move to eliminate the paid search text ads down the right rail of the search engine query page.

AdGooroo compares the cost per click (CPC), click-through rates (CTR) and the frequency of ad placements of the top 20 automotive keyword terms from Feb. 1 to Feb. 18 (prior), with those serving up between Feb.19 and March 19, 2016, (post).

The CPC for the top 20 automotive keywords analyzed by AdGooroo rose by an average of 4.01% after Google eliminated the right rail paid search ad space and only served them above or below the organic listings on the left side of the page.

Seven of the top 20 rose in CPC by double digit percentages, including three Jeep terms. The term "jeep wrangler" rose by 40.39%; "jeep Cherokee," 31.7%;' and "grand jeep Cherokee," 26.53%.

In fact click-through rates for many of the top 20 automotive keywords rose by an average of 13.1% after Google eliminated ads from the right rail of its results pages. The terms "lexus" rose by 35.71%; "Hyundai;" 28.57%; "honda crv," 25%; "Nissan," 24.39%; and "jeep grand Cherokee," 20%.

While mostly all CTRs held up, the CTRs for three of the terms remained flat during the post era when compared with the month prior to the change. Those keywords include audi, ford explorer, and jeep cherokee.

Overall, the findings appear to confirm that fewer advertising opportunities on the search query results page means fewer advertisers. This could explain why Google reported Thursday fewer clicks during the first quarter in 2016, compared with the December 2015 quarter.

The number of advertisers buying up the top 20 automotive keywords fell by an average of 4% after Google eliminated ads on the right rail of search query results page, from an average of 115 advertisers per keyword from pre-days analyzes in February to the post days in February and March.

The terms "mazda" and "jeep cherokee" fell the sharpest, 33% and 24%, respectively, according to AdGooroo data.

Not all keywords from advertisers fell. Advertisers sponsoring the keyword "honda crv" rose by 41% during the month after Google eliminated right rail paid search ads, but "honda c r v" fell by 16%. The keyword "audi" also rose by 17% in the post-right rail period.

In fact five other top 20 automotive keywords increased in advertisers during the post time frame. These words include "cars" rose by 13.89%; "ford," 8.57%; "Subaru," 4.88%; "hyundai," 4.76%; "jeep renegade," 1.54%; and "Nissan." 1.49%.


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