Marketo Expands Content Marketing Toolbox

Marketing software provider Marketo has gained new predictive scoring and content marketing features, thanks to two new integrations announced Monday.

Marketo email marketers can now deliver quality content in a shorter period of time because of the company’s partnership with Radius, a predictive marketing platform, and NewsCred, a content marketing solution.

Marketo marketers now benefit from Radius’ new predictive scoring program that ranks inbound leads by interest and likelihood of conversion. The SaaS solution is now integrated with Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform, allowing marketers to segment marketing communication to prioritize prospects that are most likely to result in a sales victory.

Additional features include segmentation based on ideal customer profiles, firmographics, social presence and trigger events such as indications to purchase.  



The data is powered by machine-learning algorithms in Radius’ Business GraphSM, a real-time B2B database of over 50 billion external signals across 18 million American companies.

“Marketers rely on Marketo every day to automate their marketing functions,” states Arup Banerjee, senior vice president of product management at Radius. “By enabling joint B2B customers to deploy directly to Marketo and leverage our data science capabilities with predictive scores, we’re streamlining workflow and taking the guesswork out of the automation process. This allows marketers to make smarter, faster decisions that drive growth and results.”

NewsCred’s integration into the Marketo LaunchPoint partner ecosystem delivers its expansive content marketing and management services to Marketo customers. With NewsCred, marketers can easily send copy, images and URLs to Marketo’s asset library for streamlined distribution across marketing channels and organizations.

Additional features include advanced segmentation for personalized messages, analytics that pinpoint successful content and campaigns, as well as a content marketplace that varies in format, topic and language.

“Previously, marketers wasted valuable time building emails and creating sub-par content in an effort to quickly get campaigns out the door,” states Shafqat Islam, CEO and co-founder of NewsCred. “Now, marketers can work smarter by accessing premium content at the click of a mouse, efficiently coordinating across teams, and freeing up time to deliver more personalized and innovative experiences that will close deals.”

Both announcements were made as part of Marketo’s annual conference, Marketing Nation Summit, hosted in Las Vegas this week. 

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